8 Reasons Not to Move in With Your Boyfriend AND His Parents
(+ 1 Bonus Reason!)

October 5, 2012
Posted by N. @ 11:14 am

Let’s start this off with some sage advice: If you are ever asked to move in with your boyfriend AND his parents, thank them very nicely and then run away!

Boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years this November; we will also have lived together 4 years this December. When he asked me to move in with him in 2008, it was the first time I had wanted to move in with anyone and, while our relationship was moving quickly, I was very excited! We had known each other for a long time, we had all mutual friends…how could it go wrong!? His family was nice and they loved me, they wanted me around more too and asked me to stay here “as much as you want!” The golden first four months were glorious and enjoyable. This is about the rest of the 3.5 years and why you should NOT move in with your boyfriends parents (if it wasn’t already an obvious no-no to the rest of you smarter people out there)!.

In chronological order of discovery:

Reason 0 (because it really only applies to us but is important to mention): His male best friend lives in the garage and will act like a jealous girlfriend when you start to spend more time with now-mutual-Boyfriend. Best friend is unable to even go to the grocery store without mutual-Boyfriend because he is so dependent, which is why he moved from his parent’s house to Boyfriend’s parent’s house. His best friend will yell nonsensical obscenities about you while arguing with Boyfriend, which you will hear from the bedroom. You will cry…a lot.

Reason 1: No matter how quiet you are, the house is on stilts and the family WILL know when you’ve had sex. Also, your mother will start to give you a knowing look and attempt to ask about “the sex” when you visit. You can’t pretend to be a virgin anymore.

Reason 2: Think about all of the things you are used to having in your kitchen (or your bathroom for that matter). Clean cookie sheets, an egg beater, a stove that cooks at the correct temperature or refrigerator space for your favorite foods…you won’t find any of that here! Bringing your own will result in a slow and steady amalgamation of of appliances you want and an absolute disappearance of counter space. You will then feel guilty for wanting things that they don’t have room for and your juicer will go to live in the garage as a smurf home for three years.

Reason 3: You know how you like to have movie days every once in a while? Or sprawl out on the couch and relax? Well feel free to do none of that here! Boyfriend’s dad is home 90% of the time and never stops watching his shows. Your best option is to go sit at your computer in the garage with your “burnt popcorn” that everyone complains about for stinking up the whole house (how can an entire house of people not like popcorn? Absolute madness!) or abandon the idea altogether.

Reason 4: Cooking gets expensive and you’re broke, which is why you’re living there in the first place! If you want to make your mom’s pork chops and mashed potatoes (aside from not having a beater in sight), you better get ready to cook for four! Pork chops and mashed potatoes for 2 costs about 10 bucks, so inexpensive! As soon as the parents find out though, it’s $20.00 plus, “What vegetables are you serving and will you have a salad?” Goodbye wallet.

Reason 5: Someone in the family is the resident grouch and eventually they will start to treat you like the rest of the family. Hello heart breaking mornings, afternoons, and nights of getting yelled at for making previously mentioned popcorn or making tea because the electricity goes out (see below). I still do it because I am both willful and stupid.

Reason 6: You find out too late which people are flaky! “Be careful of those wires over there, they’re live. I’m rewiring the house because the moron who lived here before us did it with a team of monkeys.” It has been four years and the wires are still there and are still live. I have been electrocuted by my laptop in the garage because the house isn’t grounded, I’ve had the internet go on and off on me because the power current isn’t strong enough to power the router (an absolute nightmare when you have an online class). And, if you forget to turn off all of the air-conditioners in the house, when you run the electric tea kettle, microwave, or toaster, you will short the entire breaker. This is my favorite thing to be yelled at for. I love forgetting to turn off the air conditioner at 4 AM and being chastised for weeks about it!

Reason 7: Boyfriend will get comfortable with the relationship level. He’ll think that living with his parents is normal and okay. Instead of making the steps to move forward with your lives together, he’ll go about his days content and undisturbed (except for when fielding Future-Father-In-Laws aggressive comments) and say “one day we’ll be married,” and, “one day we’ll have a place of our own.” I wonder if he says this in the same way that someone says they are going to fix the electrical system.

Reason 8:
You’ll wonder if you are important enough to change his mind about living with roommates or taking the next step.


what wonderful discoveries *rolls eyes* yuck i would never try to move into a partners parents house. my sisters boyfriend lives with her and my mom and yes my mom does complain constantly about him and everything above is true. lol

Commented by: cassie January 19, 2013 @ 4:14 pm

Reason number three had me laughing. I sleep at my boyfriend’s house Thursday-Sunday and I have been accused of burning popcorn (I only did it once) everytime I make it and by god trying to cook without a properly working microwave or a functioning dishwasher has me up in arms.

How I am actually pretty close to moving in there because he’s looking for a ring currently. His mom has passed away a few years ago, his brother ignores everyone (no speaking) and his dad loves me and thanks me for making dinner and cleaning when I’m around.

It’s funny, my biggest concern is he already has three cats and I have one that I’d have to put in there too. I don’t know if my picky little booger of a princess will be able to handle all the cat.

Commented by: Kimberly May 12, 2014 @ 1:14 pm

SO TRUE! I’ve been living with my boyfriend’s mom for 4 months now, mainly as a last resort – being a single mother of 3 finishing graduate school and unable to work because of my 13 year old’s disability right now. . .I see clearly every day where he has learned all his behaviors that need to be adjusted (like, why at 36 he is living with his mom! – hey – I was married and went through an ugly divorce and some serious health issues, so I just hit a huge bump in the road). . .his mom is super duper sweet but I get Absolutely, positively, never ever ever any privacy. She hears all, asks about all, sees all. She even has come up into our bedroom late at night – sure the door is open, but, um, this is a f’n bedroom, not the kitchen. . .I feel for you. I would have never done this but our last living situation was much worse, so it’s actually better – and I’ll say that it’s putting a fire under me to get my shit together and get the hell out!! With or without him! Focus on you – don’t rely on him! Good luck (even though I know this is an old post)

Commented by: Sabrina June 23, 2014 @ 3:18 pm

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